Characteristics of my room

positon hearing

When I sit in my mixing position equal to both speakers, drums and vocals are centered.
When I lean back a foot or so vocals seem left as do the drums.
They are the only parts that are centered.
Which do I believe?
OR do you rely on your cans for panning?
I think I would go with the cans since my room is just an extension of my living space.

Anyone have a panning story or lesson they would like to share?

you’d think I have all the answers…

The secret is to make the “Sweet Spot” of your monitor setup as large as you can make it…

That’s where speaker placement and room acoustics/conditioning come into play…
Maybe, Bubbagump will add his experience to the thread…

There’s lots of formulas and mathematics involved to produce the correct size of the “Sweet Spot” “Listening Area” for the size of your room…
Things to adjust for is…
Flutter frequencies and Standing waves and Lo-Frequency and Hi-Frequency Traps… It Just Don’t Seem to Stop… Then, when you think your room is sounding pretty nice…
You go into some one else’s room and it blows the socks off your room…

It’s all so frustrating…


Thx Wox I got it corrected.
:laugh: Yea so true. Hey I get to actually record a guitar track tonight :D Hope I still know how to play after all this mastering and fixin :angry: lol

What blows my mind is when I have the drums or vocal centered but get a stonger signal on the right or left. Yes via the meters and I know bubba would say who cares go with what you hear. Ok :laugh:

If it’s a mono track and the meters aren’t even when the pan knob is centered there is something wrong. If it’s mono, the pan knob is centered, the meters are even and it sounds off to one side it could be the monitoring system or the room acoustics.

Have you checked to make sure the speakers are wired in phase? One of the most common problems is speakers wired out of phase. Many folks can’t hear when they are out, but it’s very easy to learn what out of phase speakers sound like.

If the mix is stereo, and the meters look even but it still sounds one sided then maybe there are EQ differences between left and right in the panned tracks.

There are a lot of reasons tracks might not sound centered when seems like they should be.

Hi Levi:

It’s so nice you’re getting the opportunity to record tracks…
For me…
it’s been so long…
just the thought of pressing the record button makes me clam right up…
Most of the guys I recorded with are not with us anymore or have moved on…
they’ve found a younger generation of musicians to play music with…

That leaves me playing with hardware and wires-and-plugs…


Go on, Bill! Hit that button. Crack open n-T drums (it’s a doddle), new strings, stiff drink, shoulders back, pick an old fav’ and go for it - for fun :agree:

Levi. I once attended a lecture at a NIRA studio in Manchester UK where phase cancellation and ‘drop-outs’ were hot topics. A rigged vinyl on a turntable was used to demonstrate the extreme effects. To see the stylus physically jump out of the groove was quite an eye opener. Also, The main monitors (Urie? - 18" cone with a strange blue horn launched out of the voice-coil) were respectively wired with different cables - one with oxygen-free gold plated gear, the other with 13amp flex - not even the ‘scope’ could hear the difference. But! - what did make a very real difference that was obvious to all, was, to switch either cab ‘out of phase’.
Like Phoo, I’m wondering if there is something of this nature going on with your prob? But you recently had ear trouble. Did the Doctor rewire one of your ears?
Just a thought :laugh:

PS. I’m not sugesting that you’ve simply got your wires crossed - but I imagine that the same issues can arrise ‘within’ the software.

I hear you TonyR… BUT… The Musicial Creativity Button is broken… :laugh: :) :p

I’m unable to find a work-around…


Bill! Pick an ‘olde’, and do it.

Thx for the ideas guys!
I’ve ruled out, out of phase speakers because I don’t hear any noise and all the wiring and amp are color coded.
But that’s still a possibility I suppose.

I should have made a screen shot of the stacks of effects on each track
It’s my guess like phoo suggested that eq was dominate on one side.
Hidden in the stack…
Why stack?
I don’t know it was done when I first got the T’Rk, that stuffs fun to play with.
But I get this issue pretty regularly so there could be something else.
I have been lazy about my Addictive Drums.
I mean, I set up the kit and think I can make needed adjustments with eq in the song mix.
I might have to correct some of the panning ideas that I’ve used with that.
Centering the kick is probably most important and this song has the kick a little left.

Thx Tony!
I used that %50 rubbing alcohol on me ears, the last 4 drops in the bottle
Waste not want not!

Hey Bill, it was a blast.
I let it roll to iron out some of the unfamiliar areas and recorded 4 or 5 tracks in a row.
I thought I could take the best of each track.
Sometimes do but wanted to add to the song.
So I looked for new ideas to add and came up a few interesting variations and found a great big juicy new hook riff!
I’m stoked!
So a good song is going to get a whole lot better.
And best of all, I will want to play it all the time.
Unlike so may I leave in the dust.

If your focused you won’t freeze.
You know if your prepared.
If I where you I would do what Tony suggests and create drum loops or arrangements to record bass tracks to.
Make the arrangements and then jam to them for a while until you know what you want to play.
Then sell them. Drums always inspire me.
Playing was fun and can’t wait to get back to recording more.
I’ve had plenty of restarts, big deal. I’ve had singers kill takes in a studio because they didn’t like the way they pronounced a word when it was the guitar take of the century for me :laugh: that hurts!

Oh one more thing.
I dropped the a on this song to make a semi open g, and it’s obvious that I recorded the main track in a hurry because it’s not tuned OR the song speed got changed with out me noticing it.
Anyway I might use nTrack to bring the pitch back up to a normal g.
And redo everything :laugh: I don’t have time to redo the drums though.