Cheap, quick-n-dirty system

Hey all, I’m an accompanist looking to get together a hopefully very cheap system to use to make recordings of my sessions with vocalists and instrumentalists. It looks like n-Track Studio is everything I need in terms of software - does anyone have any suggestions for the sort of hardware I should look into?

I have an e-Machines laptop which I’ll lug around to accompanying sessions. I was looking at the Shure SM57 mic, and perhaps something like the Griffin iMic (a cheap USB audio converter). I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions or pointers that anyone might have!

Well, you’ve certainly come to a good place for answers. I don’t see any of the resident guru’s logged in right now but check back in a day or two and I’m shure you will not be dissapointed with this post.
I’m not shure what kind of memory you laptop has, but may I make this suggestion.
Get a external, portable hardrive to save the many music files on.
I got a 120MG one at:Tigerdirect it cost me about $60.- a small price to pay for not loosing priceless files.
I’ve had two Daws crach since then, but no worries.
All my files we’re backed up on the extra hardrive, so as soon as I get another computer that is fast enough to read it, I’m right where I left off.


How many different tracks would you like to take at once ?

Just one track is all I need for now.

When I started using Ntrack all I had was a drum set, guitar w/amp and bass w/amp. I also had a computer with a built in sound card and a cheap-o computer mic. The quality wasn’t very good, but it wasn’t completely horrible either. The pc had a 200 mhz processor, but I was able to get my ideas down.

What is it that you hope to accomplish? What equipment do you have already?

I’ve since upgraded my computer a couple of times, I use an M-Audio sound card for which I paid $200. I added a cheap behringer mixer and a marshall microphone. I use some freeware plugins and some that come with other programs. The sound quality is better and the sound card and mixer only set me back around $300. I now use fruity loops (a decent program for drums) for drums which cost me about a hundred bucks.

Define “cheapo.” :)