Check this out

before they take it down

Chevy has an online competition to make ads for the Tahoe - an environmentalist’s nightmare of a car, really. Someone made a rather critical ad, and Chevy is hosting it.

Ad rules here:


Aint that tag-line just great :D

Steve…24ff5a7 (Tom’s link)

It’s taking a while to open, or NOT open as it may be. I added the link so we could just click it later.

What was the negative view (while I wait for it to load)?

Let’s just say that if someone at GM had ok’ed it someone would be out of a job real quick :)

EDIT: Have they killed it ? It loaded in seconds a couple of hours ago, now it won’t play at all…

It never loads for me…

I bet it’s been nuked. Maybe it’ll show up in Stupid Videos someday.

Hah ! It was the most honest car commercial ever :laugh:
No wonder they pulled it.

Link to some blogger who has the text of the ad.

That is not the same text that was in Tom’s link. It’s written in the same vein, though…
Tom’s link talked about deforesting hills , blah blah blah, with the Tahoe being the ultimate padded cell to protect you from the natural environment that was destroyed to make the car that was able to take you out there…
Sounds lame regurgitated like this, I know, but it was pretty cool :)

Electrical Audio, the studio here in Chicago run by Steve Albini, has a message board on their site. Funny, intelligent, crude people hang out there. Below is a link to a number of EA message board related Chevy adds that are humorous, though full of board inside jokes. Vulgar, many of them are. Probably NSFW…

Check out this one…