Classical guitars...

Good grief…

This boy of mine… He’s trying to bankrupt me! He has decided to switch his major in college to ‘Music’. Now he tells me the music department chief wants him to get a classical guitar. There are oodles of semi-affordable models from Ibanez, Yamaha, Cordoba, Takamine blah… blah…

Anybody have any experiences with 300 to 400 dollar-ish classical guitars that are worth a hoot?

Thanks all,


PS My wallet will thank you if you have a lower cost alternative that is not junk…

Any “Bruno” if you can find one.

Thanks Poppa… wow… this is killin’ me…

Next, he’ll be telling me his piano teacher wants him to get a Burgendorfer Grand! (sp?)


PS Let’s see him shove a Grand Piano into that 8ft x 8ft dorm room…

Well - we have to learn to let them make their own mistakes. All I’m sayin’

i went through classical guitar in college with a $500 yamaha, and it was less than what i needed in playability and intonation. I have a “La Patrie” now, about $800, that I love, and wish I’d had back then.

I just looked for a Bruno - nothing around. I got one in highschool - my sister found one on ebay last year - best kept secret in classical’s that I know of - 300.00 is high for them most people wouldn’t know what they had. Tone from them is just royal. They look like orange cheapos. I know the rosette though.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled… There are no Brunos on EvilBay at the moment.

The search continues…


What do you guys think of this……0.l1116


EDIT: Stupid link doesn’t work?

This Work?

I’d ask him for a close up of the back of the bridge. That’s where there would be any problems. I can’t tell if the bridge has any signs of separation or not.

Hey… thanks Poppa. Yeah that’s the one. I can ask about the bridge…


PS Why did the link I pasted not work? Lemme guess, too long a file name for the board software?

PPS I’d like JDET to place his La Patrie experienced eyes on this… Whar u bee JDET?

Any of the Godin brands are great… La Patrie, Seagull, Simon and Patrick, Art and Lutherie. It has been years since I sold their stuff, so I am not hip if they sell classicals in all those brands. They are all a great bang for the buck.

There were some ebay only artifacts on the end - it happens. I used the email to a friend link.

So the Godin bunch makes these? Interesting… one thing I liked about that Godin I had a while back, it was a well made guitar. I’ve played quite a few of Godins low-end electrics like the Triumph, Radiator etc… even their cheapies were better than a crap load of other brands mid-priced stuff. Godin must be a pretty hip company I guess…


PS Oh yeah… a friend has a Seagull steel string acoustic that is fabulous…


Burgendorfer Grand

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Bösendorfer! Now owned by...Yamaha!

i’m here!

the la patrie pictures show a very similar model to my beloved axe. however, one cannot responsibly purchase guitars on looks alone. if this means asking the boy to chip in for a more expensive model, maybe that’s it. i wish i had had this one instead of the cheaper one in college. you can tell major malfunctions from pictures, but playability and intonation (especially up and down the neck, at least 14 frets) can be thrown off by the slightest of things. the more serious he is, the more he needs a good guitar. and packing it around college, a good hard case is in order as well. a brighter, sparklier sound is preferrable to a deep, mellow tone (flamenco strings help that as well).



Yeah! That's it!

Thanks Tom for the correction and JDET for the advice. :agree:


I rather like BurgerDorfer, however…