Clean slide

don’t use one

I recently started re’recording a song I wrote 5yrs ago.
It has this catchy slide part that is trouble to play.
It requires a lot of finesse and proper action on the guitar.
I made a bunch of passes at this part and couldn’t record it cleanly.

Interesting points:
my action is fast and way to low for quick clean complicated slide moves.
I dropped the slide and played with with my finger as if the slide was there.

That was it!
Playing slide style but without the slide.
Try it, it works!
True you don’t get the same tone but your parts will come out clean, and if you have a good amp tone it won’t matter.
I kept the slide on my finger for other slide parts in the next 12 bars.
And I found myself varying between slide and finger more.
This is a big plus.
Taking a no can do, to a wow!
That’s good!!!
The song is now ready for live production.

Levi, a quick way to get your guitar set up for clean sliding without changing anything on it is to stick a pencil (a long stub is best) under the strings. I usually place it at the second or third fret so the strings won’t pop out of the nut like they might if you put it at the first fret. An added benefit is the wood naturally dampens the sound of un-played strings a bit, so the strings you are playing really ring out. You will likely need to re-tune, but it is worth it! It isn’t very sightly, but in the studio - who cares?

'til next time;
Tony W

You know, that’s great idea Tony.
I’ll have to give that a try, thx!