Click sound while recording

When I record at 24 bits

I recently upgraded to the 24 bit version of n-track my sound card is a M-AUDIO DELTA 1010LT and it seems to work fine when I record at 24 bits and 96000Hz, but the problem is that when I lisent what I recorded I have a good sound but in some parts of my record a click sound appears like a worn tape I dont know if I have change the program settings in a special way.

Thank you!

Try increasing your buffer size as a first step.

I’m not sure why you are recording at 96 khz but I suggest that you try recording at 44.1 and compare that to 96. Do two short sessions with several tracks - one at 44.1 and one at 96. Them mix them down to 44.1 as you would if you were going to CD. I have a Delta 1010 and 44.1 sounds better. I’m not sure why but think that you lose something in the sampling rate conversion from 96.

I did increase the buffer size at very high buffering option but it did not resolve the problem, and the reason I am trying to record at 96kz is because I want to record with the best quality and I heard that the professional digital recording studios use 24bits at 96kz for best results.

Thak you for your help!