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How to record


We would like our drummer to play along with some recorded loops and mixes and we need to record a separate track with metronome. I have tried to make a mixdown with metronome but it will not be recorded…
¿How can I get it right?

Thanks a lot,

The way it should be done is with a pain sound card/onboard audio and select, “What you hear” as opposed to “wave” or “Line in” or Midi" or whatever else is available in your sound cards “RECORD” settings. Then when you record a track with the metronome playing, the sound of it should be recorded. That is of course you’ve set up n-track to use your sound card for playback and recording.

I hope that helps ya.


Gracias Paco,

My soundcard is not good enough for this, but thanks anyway.
In the meantime I have “transfered” the problem to our drummer
with the lame excuse that is all about rhythm. I bought it, ha ha.


hola, baje el prorama en mi iphon y cuando pongo a grabar la segunda pista me graba lo que ya grabe en la primera, agradecería una solución. RR

pull up a step sequencer and write a track using a drum kit of your choice and simply choose what actual sounds you want for your clicks. you can record it as to free up cpu in future sessions or just run it live each take