Collaborator's Wanted!!!

Unfinished Songs…

I am fairly prolific when it comes to writing music. On occasion, I write a song that I can never think of lyrics for, or worse, come up with lyrics that I think are LAME…

I would like to see what any of you might be able to come up with for my music. Some of these songs go back more than ten years, and I’ve never come up with lyrics that suited me for them. I removed all titles from the songs, so that it wouldn’t unduly “paint you into a corner” on these pieces.

Anything interesting about each song, I will notate to the side. You can right click on the link and “save target as” or “save file as” to put them on your desktop, then simply convert them back to wav to open them in your studio…


Demo 1

Demo 2 - - This one I recently posted here in the forums, but I have no idea where to go with it. It is the newest of my completed originals…

Demo 3 - - I had considered chopping off the rather long intro to this song and sticking it on the end, but perhaps someone else can see a use for it…

Demo 4 - - This is a much heavier song…

Demo 5 - - I first wrote this song in 1991 (can you hear the hair-metal sound?)

Demo 6 - - Another song with an extended intro which I considered chopping out…

Demo 7 - - interesting wah solo on this pop song.

Demo 8 - - An angry hard-rocker that I wrote angry lyrics for, and have since repented, lol!

Demo 9

Demo 10 - - Just a song that I came up with a strange theme and lyric line for, and now it’s stuck in my head and I can’t think of something different to it.

Demo 11 Another Rocker that I never came up with words for… the guitar solo was deliberately disturbing, lol!

Demo 12 An older song that I wrote with an envelope filter on the Melody Guitar

Demo 13 - - I think you can see from the first notes why I got stuck with this song, it is heavily influenced by a famous song by Van Halen. I’d considered replacing the keyboards with a Hammond B-3 tone, but perhaps one of you might see something besides JUMP in this song, as it stands :p

Demo 14 - - Yet another pop song with an unnecessarily long intro, but I was looking for the “Crimson & Clover” sound on the wah solo, and I think I came close… to me, this solo TALKS!!!

Demo 15 Another good song with a strange lyric line that I now have stuck in my head… FIX IT, PLEASE!!! :D

Demo 16 - - Heavy song with a ska feel to the riffs…

Demo 17 - - A good pop rock song that I seemed to have gotten lost with…

Demo 18 - - An interesting song that I came up with… I could envision Native Americans doing the Rain Dance in the ending. Dual guitar solo with slide and EVH tapping was intentional…

Demo 19 - - Another song with lyrics I was never really happy about. No solo for this one, the break was a spoken section, but if you want to add a solo or have me put one in, that is fine…

Demo 20 - - A pretty piano song I wrote for my daughter, but could never find words to fit it.

Demo 21

Demo 22 - - Another of my hair-metal songs that I never found words that I liked for it.

Demo 23

Demo 24 - - Me trying to be artistic and painting myself into a corner

Demo 25 - - Another pretty piano song with heavy orchestration…

Demo 26 - - A moody song, suitable for heartbroken drinkers, lol!

Demo 27 - - One of my first piano songs

Demo 28 - - Straight out rocker, but I love the guitar solo I did for this song, it was aggressive and angry…

Demo 29 - - Would be a great song, I think, if I could learn to not write lyrics about all the women who pi**ed me off, lol! Yes, the strange guitar effect during the verses is also what EVH used for the intro to Atomic Punk :)

There is no shortage of lyricist and singers over at

You are welcome to join us :)

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Danny, songs about that sort of stuff are sort of the standard for the genre, aren’t they? :agree: I’d offer to try, but you’ve heard my stuff…

jeremy, what about drummers?

We got a few resident drummers over there,

John ( does most of my work ($50 a track) I’m sure you have heard him on my songs, but he and others mostly just do it for fun and free!

I think we got about 4 who are currently active, when I say that I mean ones you see just about every week that are actually recording, there are a lot of others but their attendance and participation is fewer and farther between.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Yup. When I get my machine back, I’ll try to twist an interesting sound or two.

Hey Jeremy, I signed up for the Collaborator’s site, and got confirmation a little while ago that I was accepted. I’ll be checking into it over the weekend, try to get a little understanding of how things are done there…

Thank you, Sir :)


cool man look forward to it.

Project A studio is pretty much were all the action is, at least for auditioning.

TO give you the heads up we typically use .wma lossless format for our files since they don’t loose or add any timing to the songs.

If you where to post any one or all of these songs you just upload it to a new thread and click the icons of what you are looking for, eg. bass, drums, vocal, lyrics, etc etc…then you wait till you get a nibble.

But don’t be surprised if anyone takes off with one of these into an entirely different direction…a lot of really creative people hangin out and you never know what is going to fly and where it’s gonna fly to.

I listened to a couple I would love to hear a live drummer slam some beat to with a descent vocal belting added.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

That’s quite a prolific assortment of diddies you have there Danny. There’s some nice raw nuggets in there that could use some embellishment. Hats off to ya for your zesty songsmith skills. :agree:

Hey, it says former member under Jeremy’s name… WHEN DID HE LEAVE???

Bask in the days of the endless Izotope thread.

There are some things here you could do a lot with, Danny. I’m curious what the lyrics and melody was for #8.

The song was called “Hate” Tom, and here’s a link to what I’d done with it… see now why I wanted to get a fresh perspective on it?

Danny Milligan - Hate

:laugh: yep. still, that sort of thing can be cathartic. Plus, I remember Lou Reed saying in an interview once that it is a mistake to take the artist's mask for the artist him or herself.

You don't use much compression on your vocals.

LOL, using that vocoder effect, I had to have two separate tracks for the vocals, and it’s hard for me to compress both and have them equalized out… as far as “artist’s mask” I am learning to not write lyrics at 3 AM in the morning, because it’s like what happens when you get REALLY drunk: You say what you think, and sometimes what you think doesn’t need to be said, lol!

Those guitar tracks are great…
The illusion is that your face is no more then an inch-or-two from the cone of the speaker…
That’s if you use an amp and mic to record the tracks…


Actually, Bill, everything goes in through my effects pedal (digitech rp-80). I think the in-your-face illusion you referred to was simply the fact that I used no reverb or depth-perception effects on the first guitar, at all, although I did on the second.

Hi dannyraymilligan:

You paint a nice illusion/mental picture with your instrumentation/guitar tracks…


Thank you, Bill :)