Comments on this song...

Arranged song spanish


i need your feedback on this song…
Mix, mastering, etc…
the song is in spanish—

Song called "dejame estar"

Thanks to kerrie, and jhon p barton for your comments, this is a new better version…


Well, I liked the song itself. Very good. The drums were very “80’s drums” on the toms and snare, if you know what I mean. Not nessesarily bad, but you should be aware that is what it sounds like. The guitar and vocals are out of tune, sometimes painfully. That is the only part that is really bad about the song, because the mix itself is very clear, so you can hear everything very well. Downside, you hear the out of tune vocals and guitars very well. That is my 2 cents. I don’t know if it is too verby or not, 'cause I am pretty verb happy myself. But it could be…

el pez

Me gusta, pero…
Yeah, savingedmund pretty much said it all. the first guitar solo starts out pretty in tune, and then goes very flat (i think its flat). It sounds like your strings slipped, or you used a different guitar to finish the solo without tuning. The song has a ton of potential. Keep up the good work.

I listened to No Puedo.

First I want to mention that the link doesn’t go directly to the song. It goes o your soundclick page from there you have to click on music then pick one of the two songs. Not to bad for me (I’m on DSL) but speaking from experience it could be annoying to someone on dail up.

I noticed a couple of things i think might improve the song and you can either use them or get mad at me, your choice.

I think the vocal sounds forced in alot of places, and in the mix get’s totally buried at points with the over the top guitars.
I like the way it was sung around 141~ 169 I think that’s the chorus. It just has more natural feel that fit’s the tone of the guitars.
It sounded like a little to much verb, on the vox, which might be why it get’s lost in the mix. Maybe try singing the song twice and coupling up the two vocals to give the same effect without loosing punch. Just slide one of the vox to the right or left 1/2 sec. and bamm! You’ve got a crisp, clean vocal in the right frequencies for the mix.
Also try singing the vocals more than rushing and forcing them out. It’s obvious you have a good voice, so tap it. I think this will soften the melody a bit and make it more pleasurable for the listener.
I could actually hear a femal vocal working here, real romantic, but I’d have to know more spanish to know if it would fit.

Keep rockin’