Compatible app recommendations for iOS?

At one time there was a “compatible VST/AU effects and instruments list for n-Track Windows version. The VSTs listed always worked very smoothly with whatever version of Windows n-Track I was using. I now use n-Track Pro Suite on iOS and I’m curious if you have similar recommendations for iOS effects and instruments that allow n-Track to function as smoothly as possible. It’s more important than it was on Windows for me because:
-I tend to accumulate many music apps due to the lower prices for iOS apps.
-One of the biggest problem with any/all DAWs on iOS is they tend to freeze up and need to be rebooted when using many tracks/instruments/effects depending on various iOS versions and updates.
-Storage and processing power is not overwhelming on various iPads and iPhones available compared to PCs.

I must say the main reason I use n-Track is because it is more robust than its competitors on iOS- thank you for that. But any advice on keeping things running smoothly is appreciated.