Compatible Mixing Console?

something with faders…

anyone know what mixing consoles will work with n-track? i’m ready to start mixing using real faders…

any midi controller will work. N-track doesn’t have specific protocols like Mackie and such that make it easier to setup though. as long as it supports midi though, n-track can use it.

Tascam FW-1082

so something like that could work… but it would be hard to set up? how so? like it wouldn’t register when you open a song up? you’d have to manually set all the faders to the right level? or what?


Well, I dunno about that particular unit, but it would be as easy to set up as any other midi controller. :)

Looks sooo nice. Wish I could afford something like that.

can you can explain what you mean by “set up”? what is involved in setting up something like that to work with n-track?

Well, I’m no midi expert, rather a midiot, but it’s a matter of getting the messages lined up, so the n-Track does what you want it to do when you move fader #1 - that sort of thing. Don’t most of these unit have a “learn” function?

anyone know how difficult it is to get n-track lined up with a midi controller? is it time consuming or annoying?

I’m not answering anyone’s questions, sorry! But I’ll add to the pile:

MIDI controller meaning, possibly, a control surface- like the Tascam US-428? I have one, and am considering getting into n-Track.

I’ve been using Cool Edit Pro, and recently have looked at Sonar 3, and another or two (Cubasis…). The testimonials for n-Track are pretty devastating to these other apps… the clincher could be being able to use my -428 to mix, etc.

There’s a device (software) called Bome’s MIDI Translator… I wonder if some thing like this is needed to get a controller to communicate with n-Track?