What vst plugins can I use to make my vocals sound like they are a part of my music tracks?
Right now it sounds like the vocals are on-top of the tracks(not mixed in). And sometimes my vocals sound like they are too low.
Do I use compression to resolve this or something else?

Or could my mic be an issue? I’ve got a boxed in mic surrounded by thick cushion(simulating sound room) to cut down on the acoustics. When I do tests, I hear little or no feed back.

I find that mixing dry until the levels are right, the appling compression to the whole mix helps seat thing better, then appling fx like reverb on an aux buss and individual fx like compression to tracks that nned more punch seams to make thing sound better over all.

So add an extra comp. to the primary vocal track?

What do you mean “extra comp”?

If you’re applying compression to the mix, I strongly recommend against this. Yes, we compress the whole mix, but not until after we’ve mixed it all down – as part of what’s called “mastering”, which is best to do after the mix is done. If you apply compression to the whole mix during mixdown, you’ll really confuse what does what. It’s something only seasoned experts should risk doing, and they generally don’t!

If you just mean that there’s already a compressor there due to the “always on” effects, well, the default settings don’t do anything, so “applying compression” means “adjusting the compressor”. No need to add a second one.

Also, see the post “what level is normal for music & vocals”, which covers your question, with the first post (by John) being right on point and well spoken.

Concerning what Robo said … I always adjust everything while listening to the whole mix. So he’s right that you do a very rough mix before adjusting compression. However, the first thing I do is apply compression to vocals and bass (and whatever tracks deserve it), and that dramatically affects the level for these tracks.

There is an enormous difference between applying compression to individual tracks versus applying it to the whole mix.

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Sounds to me like you might benefit by a trip to AudioMinds. There’s good info there for beginners.