Compressor - Mastering

I heard great reviews about PSP Vintage Warmer but are there similar freeware compressor/limiter plug-ins that adds a nice tape-saturated warmth to my final mix for mastering?


Try C-Plugs My Mag. It is basically a tape emulator that is very good at adding warmth. I have also used Silverspike’s RubyTube, and it will give you a pretty decent tube-like shimmer in the highs.

My Mag

Ben the link you posted doesn’t have My Mag on it - it’s level up from the C-Plugs.

Another one to try is MaxX, from Bill Wall (an n-Tracker that we haven’t seen in a while). I don’t remeber where his website is and it’s not posted in a way that can be found anyway. I mirroed it to a long time ago (about halfway down the page).

phoo and Wanderer -

I have never been able to get MaxX to work on windows XP, even after I changed the install script to install the DX properly… It just doesn’t show up!

- Ben

May sure CWDXPX1.DLL is in the windows\system32 directory. That’s the only reason I can figure that it wouldn’t show up, assuming it registered ok. I’m not sure it will register without that dll though.

It works fine on WinXp as long as it’s installed ok. Bill’s original install script might not let you know if registration failed. I don’t remember if I changed them in my mirror (probably not too much). There are install scripts for Win9x and WinNT. There were problems with some install scripts with WinXp came out (DX Freeverb for example). Probably the install scripts need an update. (I mention this for folks that don’t have it yet)

What happened when you installed it? What was the change you made to the script?