Control n-T remotely?

Hi. Has anyone got any wise words on how to control n-T on a main DAW, remotely with a laptop?


Wireless network + VNC

It sounds like it would be difficult, but really is pretty
I use VNC and it is easy to setup and works very good.
I use it to access a networked computer’s desktop to run
The wireless network part - there is a ton of info on the
NET (how-to’s) and is also fairly easy to get going.
Sounds like you’re into it.

Remote Desktop Connection – it’s built into versions of Windows better than ‘Home’ version.

Ok. Cheers phoo. I’ve got wireless up and running and I vaguely remember setting up a network for the printer. 7! Which V of VNC do I grab?

VNC Free Edition for Windows
Installer including both Server and Viewer
Version 4.1.3
Executable (724K)
Zip Archive (699K)

VNC Free Edition Source Code for Windows
Full source code to both Viewer and Server
Version 4.1.3

Thanks guys.

Instead of VNC I suggest using’s free program. Unless the latency aspect of VNC has been resolved. Mikogo has been excellent. Or Remote Desktop as also suggested.


Which V of VNC do I grab?

The Free ver for Windows - (forgot to mention I had to use VNC because
I was controlling a W98 machine -
and I believe Remote Desktop would not
work with W98 ) One was an XP machine, the other a W98
Anyway - yeh the Free Edition is fine except you can not transfer files
with the free version.
But the server goes on the machine to be viewed, and the viewer goes on
the machine that's doing the viewing. Does that make sense.
Server on your desktop, Viewer on your lappy.

Yup, loud ‘n’ clear, 7.
Cheers TP. I’ll check that too.