Convert Pro Tools trax to N-Trak?

Hello All,
new user to N-trak and I’m hoping that some of the wiser users can help me out. I’ve done a complete search through all the old postings and can’t find an answer.
I’ve some old ProTools trax that my band did in a pro studio. I’d like to play around with the mix and see if i can get it any better using N-Trak. I can’t open the ProTools track files and I’m wondering if there’s anyway to convert them so I can edit them with N-trak. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciate.

p.s. I also have cakewalk if that helps

There’s no magic “Import Protools file” function in n-track, but one way would be to solo each track in PT and do a mixdown.

Do this for each track, one at a time, and then import the tracks into n-Track. Of course you’d lose your EQ/Effect/Automation settings, but hey, you want to remix anyway.




ntrack supports boadcast wave files. so if you have your protools session in that format or you can save it as that. you have to enable “PC/MAC” compatible wave files.
than youi import the wavefiles and ntrack asks you for the offset time stored in the wavefile and you click YES and it should work.
hope that helps

Hmmm, but that’s the problem. I don’t have Pro Tools and when we bought the dvd back up from the studio it didn’t include the rracks as wav files. It looks like the tracks are there, but only in the Pro Tools file format (whatever that is). What I’m wondering is if there’s someway to convert the Pro Tool files to wav without actually having Pro Tools software. I also tried it in cooledit pro with no luck. the studio we did the demo in is now out of business.

thanks for the help,

Jeff A

hi gunner,
PT records normally in aiff format(mac) there are some free converters for that. just do a google search.
the dvd should contain a folder with the PT sessions and one with the files and prob. one with fades. under files you have to convert EVERYTHING and have a try with it…

I would suggest this program.
db poweramp
Even if it doesn’t work with those files it’s a good proggy to have around. Don’t forget to download the codecs.


been searching for the last couple of days and must have downloaded a dozen different programs and haven’t found anything yet that’ll read the #### Pro Tool files. I called up a local studio and they said for the 5 songs it would be about 100 bucks per song to convert them all to wav files. For that much I could just by the #### program myself.
The only problem is that i’m so comfortable with n-track. all i really want is to be able to edit the tracks in n-track. oh well, thanks anyway to all who offered suggestions.


$100/song to convert them to .wavs? Those people are gouging you Gunner. Such a crime. No wonder pro studios are going down the tubes. I’ll convert 'em for you if I can, and it won’t cost you much more than the new media I’d need to store them. Send me a PM here at n-Track or e-mail to:

and we can have some discussion about whether a REAL studio owner is willing to help with an easy task…

find a pirated copy of pro tools, do your conversion/save it as a broadcast wave file, then get rid of it when you’re done :)

Those Pro-Tools files are most likely: Sound Designer II

And yeah, Digidesign make it VERY difficult to move the session to another DAW.

OH, i forgot SDII. convert them to pc wave and give it a try.

Another reason i won’t bother with “mac-oriented software”. I just dont see the advantage. I have a mac someone gave to me-- on a shelf in my garage…g3 in perfect condition. I keep it just in case i need to convert files …which I have yet to do…
I messed with it and the demo version of PT for a couple days, came across N-track and put the Mac away…it hasn’t been back since–1 year. Someday maybe I’ll take it out again and mess with it just for fun…


Is PT free still around? ???

Quote (TomS @ Dec. 21 2005,14:36)
Is PT free still around? ???

Yep... for Win98 users... :(

Quote (TomS @ Dec. 21 2005,12:36)
Is PT free still around? ???

PC - only for Windows 98 or Windows Me
Mac - Macintosh OS 9

I tried PT free once on my older ME computer - crash crash crash and the computer was never the same after that…

Anyway, would it be possible to use it to get plain old wav files? Just asking, i really don’t know.