converting AIF to WAV

can’t find a batch converter to do it

i have a collection of 24-bit .AIF samples kicking around that i’ve never been able to make use of because flstudio doesn’t support AIF files.

winamp will play the files and if i want, sound forge will open them one by one and i can do a “save as” to convert to wav format.

i have quite a number of these in different folders, etc, so i was hoping to either use a tool like dbpoweramp (which lets you right click-convert the lot of them in a folder) or some other batch tool that would do it all in one shot.

when i try to use dbpoweramp, it looks like it is going to work, but then gives an “filename.aif could not be opened” message as soon as it tries to convert.

obviously there is something about these files it doesn’t like.

any suggestions?

Hi dimmer77:
I think if you have a Mac setup there is no problem to convert these extensions… There seems to be a Mac multi-track editor that can convert those extensions to.wav but not, the other way… I have been looking for a converter for a while , but no luck… I’d like to be able to trade project files from some of my friends so as to be able to collaborate with them on this end… in first generation files… The only way I can see doing it is to have the Mac guys do it for me or have them write the files to a CD/DVD and “Rip” them at 44.1khz… Then loose a generation… No good… A converter is gonna happen, sooner-or-later… But I haven’t been able to find one…

Have you asked the Question over on the Noisevault Board? There might be some guys over there that knows… Well…



If Winamp will play it, there’s an option to choose the output and one of which is as a .WAV file.

Might also solve the batch processing problem as you could load up a whole load of .AIFs as a play list.

There’s also a free tool on this page:

Don’t know if it does batch conversions though.

yeah, winamp will do it and so will sound forge… either, if i want to put alot of effort into it (there are alot of samples in alot of subfolders, etc)… winamp’s interface isn’t really built for it, but it could work.

i’ll look at that link.

EDIT: tool works, but no batching :( 'bout the same place as i was with sound forge but this tool is free at least.

WHen I paid for SF5 back in the day, the Batch Converter app was included in the price as a seperate download. Not the case now?

Hi Guys:
I’m just thinking out-loud…

Would or could it be a Big Deal to have n-Track equipped with an “Extension Converter” so .wav and Broadcast .wav and whatever extensions ??? be added to a Task-Bar menue Something like the File Converter… Without stepping on some PATIENT Protection?

In My Opinion… of course… This could land the n-Track people a bunch of Feathers… ??? Well ???


See if you can find a copy (trial version=ok) of cool edit.
I think someone posted a link not very long ago.
CE has a simple scripting facility that allows for batch runs.
I bet it does aiff too.

I’m still thinking about this idea…

I was compressing some .wav files today, to .ogg compression files… Anyway, I thought I would check the .ogg compressed files, to see how they repro’d… No go… in the compressed state. At least, in n-Track…

That’s easy… n-Track only navigates in .wav or Broadcast wav extensions…

So, I opened GoldWave… The .ogg files are handled perfectly in that Editor… Now, the question is… What code/codes/codecs are used in GoldWave, so as, the .ogg files can be opened in that Editor, that can be used in n-Track? to accomplish the same “End Result”?

Could it be possible for Falvio to add some code to n-Track to produce the repro’ing of several files of different extensions on the same time-line?

If rendering of multi-extension files at the same time, mabey a window would appear saying that in order to render multi extension files, that the files on the timeline will have to be converted to the same extensions for that process to take place… ??? :O Well, something to that effect…