Converting stereo to mono?

Can n-track do this? I want to convert a stereo track to mono. Thanks.

You can… but it is a bit hokey and something much better done in a wave editor… such as Audacity. However, if you don’t want to use a wave editor (Audactiy is free, go get it… use it. Everyone needs a good multitrack progam AND wave editor.) you can convert the file to mono in N like so:

1. Solo the track and be sure the master and channel gain are set to 0.
2. Mix down this soled track in N and be sure to choose mono in the mix down options.
3. Import the resultant mono file back into the song.

Bubba meant “easier”, not “better”.

Also, it’s possible to get clipping with the faders on both tracks at zero. Adjust faders and/or master fader so there’s no clipping (but obviously keep both sides equal).

To find out how much to turn down by, check “playback meters anticipates output” in “Preferences -> Options”, and play the track. Just before the track ends, note the numbers over the playback meters: that’s how far over you went, reduce by the same amount (or .1 extra to keep it safe).

Alternatively, mix down to 32-bits (mono), import the 32-bit file, normalize it, and then mixdown again to mono (at whatever bit depth you wanted in the first place).