Converting to .wma

file conversion

I went to convert some wav files to .wma for use as attatchments to an e-mail. When I went to convert the files in n-Track, I was prompted to download the appropriate .dll from the fasoft web-site.
Does anyone know about doing this? I see no link or info on the site itself.

Maybe a more pertinent question: Are .wma files very significantly smaller (more compressed) than mp3’s? If not, this may mean I need to break up a song into smaller sections.


Go grab dbpoweramp’s music converter.

The lower the bitrate, the smaller the file but also the crappier sound.

Thanks, Ter.

Recently on this forum someone listed a link to the fully functional dbPowerAmp software (not the demo). If you do a search you might find it.


That’s of interest. I did go (also) to the Windows Media Player web-page, and downloaded the newest version (#10), and the encoder. I put 'em on the machine last night, and it looks o.k. Now I just have to go throught this new learning curve… but I figure it might be worth it, for the purpose of expedience- having music encoded optimally for whatever medium I might send it into? 'Might be fun to have titles, genres, other info come right up on a screen without having to go through a 3rd party. Also I read in the n-Track .pdf that .wma files tend to be smaller but sound comparable to mp3’s.

But I’m yet uneducated about all this internet trafficking of music. I do think I’ll go have a search for that dbpoweramp full version, though, since I’m out sick from work for the third day now!

(Tried to go in this morning, and just sat in the van with the engine running for about 15 minutes- with that hollow, sunken-in feeling. Know what I mean? A cell phone is a wonderful thing, before 7 a.m.!)