Heck, I can’t even read the regular stuff…

Same :;):

Fascinating stuff… :) :agree:


Whaddaya mean I hit the wrong note??? It’s right here… feel it… oh :;): sorry… it’s a booger. Heh-heh…


Interesting. I had some blind students in my logic class. There is only one brailled logic text out there, and it’s from the 1950s. Plus, the symbols are all whacky. We adapted prefix notation so we could put it all in PDF docs, which are easily produced by our school’s automatic brailler. Wonder what music braille is like?

Bumps are sharps, flats are err… flat. :laugh:


Tom! You should contact the braille developer at Primavista. She was ont’ wireless last night and souns really cool.

Is there a braille eraser ? Now that I see it, that note shouldn’t be there… If he only knew his scales… :) :laugh:

Quote: (woxnerw @ Dec. 04 2010, 3:43 AM)

Is there a braille eraser

We call it a "rolling pin" around here.


Bill, there is indeed a Braille eraser. It is on the other end of the stylus. My wife learned how to Braille a number of years ago.