Copy & paste to same track

how to

Trying to copy & paste to the same track and it paste goes to a new track. What’s the secret?

One of n-T’s novel, little quirks :wink: Drag the wav/track to where you want it.

I think you can Select/highlight the track/area where you want to cut to be pasted and it will go there with Paste. In fact, if you copy a section by highlighting it and do a paste without moving to a new location, it will paste on top of itself.
I’m not where I can check all the different ways out, but give it a try and let me know how it works out.

I’ll try your suggestion.
I was using version 6.0 a long time ago, then stopped recording for a while. Since installing the last version of 6…i think it’s 6.1.2, things have gotten more difficult. The easiest and most logical functions do not work the same, nor can I find any answers in the manual which needs an update bigtime.
Copy & pasting is a fundamental task that should be easy…and it used to be. Also, moving back & forth by small increments now requires me to hold down the ctrl key while using my other hand to hit the left & right keys, where before I’d just tap M & N keys… Can’t find that in the manual. Also, to add or remove nodes on envelopes requires the holding down of the ctrl key along with right clicking. Very annoying while holding a guitar…

Hey Tony,
That’s what I’ve been doing. But dragging is a drag…LOL!
My old version 6.0 used to make it simple to record to or paste to any where on any track selected. Stuff has changed along the way…so far not for the better.

Bax is quite right but the functionality of this method has been intermittent over time and builds - and at the moment, on n7, on my machine, it doesn’t work.

Lou! If you are wanting several copies of a section to be pasted to the same track, you can drag the right hand edge of the wav out to unroll copies. You will then need to right click (starting from the right hand side) the wav and select “ungroup parts” before you move them around.

OK, I’ll have to give this a try. I used to copy & paste to the same track often using version 6.0 and sped up my recording and organizing process. Things are quite different with this last version …6.1.2…
Who knows what i’m gonna find if I go up to version 7…
Many easy to do operations I used to do, now have become more difficult.

You might find some of the old tricks have been given “right click” status.