with in the same track

Just a quick one for you pros.

How do you copy and paste scetions of tracks with in the same track? When I paste, it drops it into another new track…

I was recording 4 drum tracks. kick, snare, ride, and overhd.
I was punchin in a section and forgot to arm those tracks, luckily Ntrack built 4 new ones automatically. Now how do I move that short puched section up in the original track?


I think the track you want to paste to has to be highlighted… I must admit n-track’s pasting catches me out at times.

It’s easy to move a the pasted part between tracks. CTRNL-DRAG will allow you to move the part between tracks or in the timeline of the current track… SHIFT-CNTRL-DRAG locks the part at its current place in time while you drag it between tracks. Very useful in what you are doing here. (It also means you can drag parts “through” other tracks without the part getting lost).

I’ll try that.

Yeah, I do love the ease of dragging the tracks. Its made some out of time sections, sound right.

I just don’t want to have to mix 8 tracks now… ughh… not that hard but more to look at. For a real drum mix 8 would be nice. Id havfta get another break out box…$$


Ctrl+shift+v will paste any .wav file at the end of the last file on that track.

Thanks. I liked it better when these things could be done as short cuts, the ones I knwe about anyhow, and I could then always go back to the menu. I can’t see why the menu iten disappeared. Oh, well maybe I am getting to old - sure mknow I;m getting “grouchy” about finding I can’t do a simple task because there is now a “better” way.
I apprecated the help. Looks like I’ll be back with more questiuons.