copy and pasting midi notes

surrounding notes swallowed up


I’m just constructing a midi drum track to go with an old music track a friend and I did about 25 years ago.

I got to the stage where I’m adding a shaker (quite repetitive as you can imagine). Problem is that when I go to copy and paste a section of this single sound, the notes on the adjoining sound get swallowed up into the shaker’s “track”.

Any ideas?



Ok, while you’re thinking about that another gremlin has appeared.

Right in the middle of my midi piano rolls there has appeared a single vertical line at 1’ 32". I appears in both midi tracks.

I has the effect of re-starting the grid at an arbitrary position thereby throwing out the timing.

Any idea where it comes from?



I think we need screen shots (or very good repro steps). I can’t visualize either of these problems right now. Sorry.