Copy midi from GarageBand

Is it possible??

I really like creating music using some of the iOS GarageBand instruments… But it is impossible to get the midi out without owning Logic Pro. Has anyone tried copying midi from GarageBand into n-Track?
Can midi be exported easily from n-Track in iOS? Or in Windows? (I want to end up getting the midi into pro tools)

Sorry for the “before i buy” questions… Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

n-Track for iOS allows importing and exporting MIDI tracks as standard MIDI files, type 0 and type 1. So do the Windows and Mac versions (the Android version will soon do too).
I’m not sure if GarageBand can copy MIDI tracks to the iOS clipboard. n-Track currently supports copying and pasting through the iOS clipboard (and through the AudioCopy standard) of audio files only. We plan to add copying and pasting of MIDI trackcs to/from other apps via the iOS clipboard to the next version which should be on the app store in about 1 month.


Ok thanks Flavio
I know midi tracks can be copied and pasted within GarageBand. This can be done in two ways actually:
1. Select the entire region and copy it.
2. Tap a midi region, tap Edit, then press and hold and you are allowed to select multiple midi events, and copy/paste them within the edit window.
I have no idea if either of these use iOS clipboard.

If you do a search for exporting midi out of iOS GarageBand, you’ll find many people who want this functionality, which is currently impossible without a Mac and Logic Pro. Also, it seems likely that Apple will not implement this. So, if you can figure it out it would be a definite draw!