copying multiple tracks

Hey guys,

Whats the easy way to copy a whole bunch of tracks?..
like when you have the first part of the song and you want to duplicate it?

(I know the piece by piece method, but it’s a drag…)

and a similar one: how to you clear space in the middle of a song (or push everything from some point on further right), if you want to go and add something in the middle of your song? (across all tracks of course i mean)???


  1. menu bar => track => duplicate track

    2) select section of track to move => menu bar => splice selection tool => select section => holding control key down, left click and move selection around. Holding shift key as well allows section to be dropped between tracks with no time shift.


you can also click on a wav and shift select others-the press control and drag the files. I do this to add/subtract time at the beginning of songs-I select all the files then move them left or right. this works with splices as well.

…seems I didn’t explain too clearly…

- I have made a song which runs from, say, 0 to 1:40 min, and consists of 10 tracks, each track containing 4 or 5 pieces(parts)
- I want to duplicate this entire thing (all tracks) so there will be a copy of it running from 1:40 to 3:20 min

How is this done in one swop??



Ok, I think there isn’t an answer… I will put it to Favio as a suggestion.



Sounds like you need to mix down all the tracks to one wav. Now import that new wav. back into the song file your workin’ on. Or make a new one . Now use the above mentioned method to duplicate them. Use the “T” function,(it has arrows on all four sides of it) to move the new track to 1.40 as you want it.

keep shinin’

Clone all the tracks. Move them around so that they are in the same order as the 5 tracks above them. Ctrl+select all the parts in all the tracks. Use the move tool to move them all to the above 5 tracks. I think this sort of works, but is clunky. Mixing down each track and importing would be a much better and easier option.

Can’t you just copy and paste one track at a time?

I think Jeremy’s got the idea…the only drawback is you can’t manipulate the individual parts/tracks of the copy - in case you needed it to…I’ll try it

as for copying one part/track at ta time as I said it’s a drag since you have to do the same thing a zillion times (i.e., copy a part and copy another and so on.)

and even if you wanted to copy a whole track (e.g. copy and paste) it copies the different parts of the SAME track into a separate track each…



Click drag the timeline bar at the top of the timeline window to highlight the section of the song you want. Now, Ctrl-C or click Edit > Copy. Place the cursor line where want to place the new material. Click drag the timeline again to “open” some space for the new stuff. While that space is still highlighted, click paste or Ctrl-V.

Works for me.


To insert silence anywhere in a song, just click on the timeline where you want the silence, and use “Edit -> Insert”. (I think that’s the right menu item. Something like that.) You get a popup asking how much time to insert.

for gr4him:

It works, that’s what I was thinking towards…but all tracks are lined up at the beginning of the first track the top one (I’ve got tracks that start a while after the first one, so…)