countdown to record & move all waves to folder


i have 2 questions, i hope someone could help me

1- i think it must be easy, but i cant find it. how can i add some strokes or countdown to initiate the recording?

2- inside project .sng, with various and differents waves, how can i move all of those waves to the specified folder
i know i can do it one by one (copying or moving it)but it could be easier for me if i could group in a single order

thanks and regards

the commands have changed a little lately:
to move all of your wave files as well as the >sng File (the file that hold all of your mix information)

Go to File > Export> Move/rename song.
You can add a prefix to mane all of the tracks and move the whole thing to a new directory.
A good technique is to do a Save As when you first start a new song.
This will mean that all of the tracks ( wav files will be named for the song name you use in the Save As command.
Probably the easiest way to add a count in is to actually count in vocally as you are starting the song.
You can set up the metronome to give you the tempo and count off the click before starting - 1,2,3,4,1, 2, - , - ,

ok thanks @Bax3 i will try it ASAP.

about the countdown, i was thinking there was an automatic process with an option to start the recording embedded on N-TRack.

i hope in the next versions Flavio and the team will include it

This is no automated count down to start recording. I can think of 2 schools of thought here. One being MIDI, :ie using a midi controller to initiate the recording by mapping a midi key (learn function) to the default recording button, however this requires someone to hit the button foot or hand. Secondly would be the use of an automated mouse click where you can record a mouse click and have the recording start it that way. This requires mouse/keyboard recording software.

Hope that helps,


sure paco, thanks

but i still think that would be a nice update to add a simple countdown in the recording buttom

The is a “Start Recording” button, but it does not have a count.

Until a count down is added you might try this: before recording the first track count into the audio track. You can use the metronome to set the tempo and count down “ 1,2,3,4 1,2 -,-,( don't say the last two counts out loud). Then when you are adding instruments you will have a count down with as much space as you need to get set before the count down.