Cover of "When Doves Cry"

it’s been awhile since i’ve been around… but just wanted to post a link to our new cover. ya… we’re still just a 2 man band and cheesier than ever, but hell… why not share. i record on NTrack, so i like to share. anyways…

it sounds like an 80’s production. It’s cool.

voice & bass perfect. I would fix the guitar eq, 'cos it creaks in some parts (at least in my laptop speakers).

PRO= 8

hey thanks… ya, we are really cheesy man. we’re a simple bass and guitar 2 man band that records with a rock band mic through usb right now. still learning ntrack, and all the great stuff it can do. where can i fix the guitar eq the easiest from?

again… i’m not a singer… i like to play guitar, self taught just got it in the genes, thanks to my grand pa… but here was a fun little something i put together while having a few beers one day off of work. a little cover of Sublimes, Santeria… and again… i’m no singer… i hope ya’ll have strong ear drums. but i like the little guitar work in the back ground, and i think i did a pretty good job of the solo… not as fast as the original, but you can still tell what it is if you know this song. and as always, Ntrack is what i recorded with… and my cheesy mic that’s my Rock Band 2 mic that i plug into the USB. i do it raw here folks… RAW! :p

Ithought you did a good job with that.
I didnt know the song so after listening to your version i checkd out the original,
& i have to say i preferred yours.I thought the vibe you got & the arrangement were superior.
nice solo too!


hey thanks! i record with a really cheesy mic! Rock Band 2 mic, and i just put it close to the amp.