CPU Friendly n-Track Versions...

Using a PIII laptop

I have registered versions of n-Track 3.3 and 4.21.

Are either of those more friendly on an older machine as far as the CPU goes? Or even other 3.x/4.x versions?

The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 7500 with a PIII-500 CPU, 512Mb PC100 RAM, audio tweaked Win98se OS load on a 5400rpm system drive and tracking to an external SSD over a CardBus II USB 2.0 adapter.

Wow, that is probably one that only you can answer for your computer and the specs. I, like many others, have fond memories of verions 3.3 and there were more problems associated with version 4. Myself, I’d try version 3 first and see if it meets your needs - it was developed in the same perios as your computer and operating system. I think it will probabaly work fine.

Thanx, bax3.

That’s kind of what I was thinking.

There certainly are some niceties to v4.x, but IIRC I bemoaned the transition to v4.x when it happened because it made v3.3 seem extremely stable…as it was, and v4.x struggled.

I’ve been away from n-Track for awhile. I had acquired, and still use as a primary DAW hardware central unit, a Yamaha 01X. I had been working with the n-Track developer several years ago on tighter software controller integration with the 01X and n-Track but Yamaha was so tight-fisted with the MIDI implementation code that we were unable to make it happen. I switched at that point to using Cubase because it works seamlessly with the 01X but it was a hard transition. I’ve done 2 album projects with Cubase but am getting back to just having fun with music and recording…trying to simplify in a big way and I have to say I’m really enjoying looking at the n-Track GUI again. Don’t get me wrong…Cubase has been great, but there wasn’t anything wrong with n-Track per se, just the need for better controller integration. So I’m sort of setting up a “Studio B”, which, frankly, is more fun than “Studio A”…methinks “B” will become “A” as far as utilization.

I’ll be slaving a Tascam 388 to n-Track using a TimeLine Microlynx…the 388 will be the primary audio tracking tool and I’ll mainly use n-Track for mixdowns and triggering virtual instruments using an Edirol PCR-30. The audio/MIDI interface is a Tascam US-224…just plain fun and relatively compact.

I’ll give v3.3 a try and likely post back my experience.

The laptop is really not bad with a stripped down OS load and being thoughtful about disk utilization (separate system and tracking drives, etc.). I miss the days of sub 300Mb OS loads…:slight_smile:


What phoo says.

When I came in @ V3.0.x I could do ANYthing with my AMD 1.6 (or 7?) ghz machine without a hiccup.
Thirtysomething 24bit audio tracks.

I wouldn’t bet on it, but I think build 1516 was a magic one…