frequent lock up when opening file menu

my cpu lockes up VERY VERY frequently and 90% of the time its when i click on the file menu to open a new song. LIVE is OFF and my computer is running BARE BONES
Any suggestion at all would be greatly appreciated
here’s some info

800 mhz
768 mb ram
xp (fresh install, sp1)
n-track’s working directory located on 2nd hardrive
version of n-track software doesn’t matter (still locks up)

First thing to check is make sure your CPU is well ventilated. Open the case and blow out any dust on the CPU fan and components.

( it is generally suggested to not use a vacuum, but to blow it off instead. Less chance of static buildup)

Dave T2

Leave your machine running doing nothing for a a few hours. If it still crashes then it ain’t n-track’s fault. If it doesn’t, well n-track, or something related, may be the issue.

When did it start doing this? What changed at the time?

If the crashes do only happen when n-track is running it could still be your soundcard or display drivers. Make sure they are upto date.

If you’re using a lot of effects, then your CPU will be taxed hard. You should be able to see the CPU usage in the lower left corner of the nTrack window. If you can’t see it during playback, chances are that it is being hit hard, thus potentially overheating.

How’s your RAM configured? If it’s a combination of different RAM sticks try pulling out any that aren’t 100% identical to the other sticks - same brand and even the same lot. 768 megs sounds like a combination – 3256 or 256+512. If it’s 256+512 then there is a higher potential for odd things happening. 3256 would be much less likely to be an issue.

Hi jeliot:
I stand corrected. I had this idea that more ram is better… Not the case with the setup I have… If you have one stick of 512 meg ram. I’d pull the other sticks out and just use the one 512 meg. stick…


thanks guys all great advice it’ll take me a few days to run down all those things so i’ll get back yet ya know what corrects it.