crashing in XP after mp3 write

I just upgraded to n-track 4.04 and I get an illegal memory access error after it tries to write an mp3 converted from wav.
I was using 3.0 before and I had a similar problem occasionally, but I avoided it usually by restarting the program often.
Now it dies (illegal mem address error) every time after it writes an mp3.
I’m using the latest mp3 writer (bladeenc) … I tried to copy the writer from my old version of n-track, but that runs extremely slowly and still dies after the write.
Does anyone know about this? Thanks for your help.

I can’t begin to help you with this latest 4.04 or it’s MP3 problem your facing.
But I can suggest this program.
db poweramp
It’s free, and can convert any of your files to MP3, alot quicker than a mixdown inside Ntrack. Plus you can choose the bit rate, 192~360. Convert wma, wav, to Mp3 and vice/versa.
Great program IMHO. Make shure to download the codecs as well, just below the main link.


I don’t think many people use the mp3 conversion in N-Track
A lot of people (myself included) seem to use DbPowerAmp and it works well.

DbPoweramp uses LAME which is generally considered a better codec than Bladeenc which is an older one

Pluse DbPowerAmp allows you to do wma encoding too


I would like to recomend CDex. You can convert cd audio or wavs to mp3 (uses lame) or many others (OGG, VQF, APE etc) and vicea versa… What sold me on it is that it is free. Not shareware, not a trial, free as in beer and free as in freedom to change the source code if it doesn’t suite your needs.

Works like a charm for me. I converted a couple hundred cd’s with it (trying to convert my entire cd collection). Off a cd a single track takes about 10-15 seconds.

And of course with the lame pluggin (which you do not have to install seperately) you can choose various bitrates (single or variable). I have only used the mp3 pluggin since that is the accepted standard (wma’s won’t run on way too many setups IMHO).