ntrack keeps crashing my whole system. ill go to push play or somthing and it just crashes… :(

Not much to go on. Think you could give us a little more info?

Hi bones1300:
You’ve been using n-Track for some time, now… Can you give us some idea of what your system was back when your set-up and n-Track was like when it worked correctly? Do you know what version/build of n-Track you used, then? Is your computer specs the same now as it was then?


yeah sorry for lack of info, my brain was still clouded with anger when i posted.The only thng difrent is that i reinstalled N using the newest version of 4,Im not sure what build I was using before but i never had it start crashing my system.I have messed around with the drivers a bit i was using a delta 44 but i started haveing problems with clicks in it. So I went to my sound blaster using wdm drivers,also i set the sample rate 4800 insted of 4100 because the sound blaster works better that way.

Thanx Guys

reset prefs to default, then rebuild them again - if you change versions and use previous prefs then there will be something in the old prefs that the new version will not like -

also some songs setup for one soundcard will crash when played back using a different card, this happens if say you set up a song to use 4 outputs on soundblaster it will crash when played on the delta 44 (not enough outputs) if the 44 clicks and pops increase the sample rate in 44 control panel -

change/check audio settings are correct before hitting play then if song plays OK save to new folder named after the soundcard you are using at that time, ie one folder called soundblaster songs and one folder called 44 songs so you know that song in that folder will play on what soundcard -

Dr J

When trying to diagnose a problem like this, divide and conquer! Is it a problem with Windows? sound card drivers? with N, maybe? or with the song project? Personally, i’d work backwards.

Try a new song project first. If you can import existing WAVs, add a few fx, and render, then your problem may be a corrupted song project. Reload the problem song, delete the peak files, and have N recreate them.

If the new project has problems, try uninstalling/reinstalling N. Be sure to run a registry cleaner before reinstalling N.

If a reinstall doesn’t solve it, try reinstalling your sound card drivers (you ARE running the latest version, yes?).

Hope this helps some.


could it be because i had reinstalled N with out using a cleaner first?

before using a REG Cleaner make sure you have a hard copy of your Ntrack reg codes to hand as they will be removed from the registry when it is cleaned - when you re-install N you will have to fill in the registration numbers again to stop it beeping every few seconds -

better still copy ALL your reg codes to ‘notepad’ and save as a .txt file then all you have to do is copy and paste them into N or whatever program you have to re-register -

Dr J


could it be because i had reinstalled N with out using a cleaner first?

You shouldn’t need to do that unless something else messed it up. n-Tracks usually installed over itself very well.