Creating a drum track (with loops)

for an old song…

I have an old song, recorded digitally, that I want to retrofit with a drum track created from loops. I’m using Acid Music Studio with the Fleetwood drum loops. My original project is 150 bpm and so I created my Acid project at the same setting. I put together a small drum track & it works great but the Acid drum track is slightly faster than my original track. I tried 149.5 bpm and that’s closer.

Am I nuts trying to do this?


That’s what Time Stretch/Warp is for. If you need your loop at 150 BPM, then stretch it to 150 BPM, 149.5 is close but no kewpie doll.

Do it in Acid, or in n-track. I do it in SAW, so I can’t really give you the details of how to do it in n or Acid, but I’m sure it can’t be hard.

But I do know that in Acid Pro 6, not only can you stretch/compress the loop to the exact BPM you want, but you can also play around with the individual hits within a loop. So for example, you can advance some hits slightly to give a driving feel, or retard them slightly to give a more laid back feel.

Good luck. :)