Crimes Against Nature

by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Remember how your dad used to take you fishing when you were a kid. Guess what - you can’t eat the fish anymore because they have too much mercury in them.


Most fish from lakes and reservoirs around the country sampled by federal researchers were contaminated with levels of mercury that exceeded federal exposure limits for young children and women of childbearing age, says a study by an environmental advocacy coalition.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tests of fish from 11 Michigan lakes found some mercury in every captured fish. Fifty-six percent contained levels that exceed EPA’s safe limit for the two age groups, according to a Clear the Air analysis of EPA data released Tuesday by the Public Interest Research Group in Michigan, or PIRGIM.

EPA finds mercury in every fish it tests in Michigan lakes.

Hey Pete - hope that you want to take any of your kids fishing anymore. It’s OK but make sure you throw 'em back.

Don’t worry, Mike, we Michiganders are already prepared - we’ve ingested a whole bunch of PCBs, and I’m told taht will protect us against the effects of mercury. :)

If the PCBs don’t get ya’ then the mercury will :angry:

[retracted after thinking better of wasting my time.]

[Toker] Lies, right-wing inconsistent drivel blah blah blah.

Been fishing lately with your kids, Pete?

Oh yes you do!