Critique - 2 New Jam / Rock Songs

your comments are appreciated!

Here are 2 songs from a new band I’m putting together. Unfortunatly when we recorded these (just home demos) we didn’t have our drummer so I played drums and guitar.

We did the bass and drums live together and then recorded the guitar over.

Let me know what you think about the quality and also (more importantly) what you think about the songs.

Song 1
Song 2

Thanks a lot

No one?:(

i listened to demo 1-good recording…seems to be a tuning issue between b & g.maybe a click track(metronome)to secure the beat.songwise,you could further the jam vibe with more scalar guitar(scales,more articulate melody) along with the rythm guitar.jerry practiced scales his whole life…

Ya, some lead over the rythm would be good but we only have 1 guitar player and in our recordings we are trying to keep the sound we will really have. Once we get the vocals in it will make a huge difference.