Crossfade envelope not showing


Hi people,

Today I am in a great mood because my recording project that has been going around in circles for a few weeks is suddenly moving and the end is in sight - you know the feeling?

Anyway I was excited to be able fit together different wave files on the same track ( drum parts in fact ) and to my great joy a purple lne appeared where there is a few sedonds overlap. Right clicking this allowed me to alter crossfade options so that both files played at once ( eliminating the need to edit the files and then try to line them all up afterwards ).

My joy dissipated however when I tried this further along the timeline using the exact same method. This time the overlap didn’t show a purple line no matter what I tried. I just got the overlap thing like a woodworking joint and one file overwrites the other.

Is there a limit to how many files you can blend in one track? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Interesting spooner. Sounds like a question for the creator. Have you filed a bug report or emailed Flavio?
Are you using a beta version? (tried an upgrade)

Hi Levi,

I’m now on N-track 6…the first release. I know there was an update but I haven’t upgraded it as I’m mid project. I’ll file a bug report then.