Cruising Under The Influence

Surf meets Midi :slight_smile:

Hi all, this is the first song I’ve posted here… Any criticism (preferbly positive) is appreciated.

Cruising Under The Influence


Unfortunately the link doesn’t seem to be working?

Quote (jmccullo @ Jan. 04 2005,16:00)
Unfortunately the link doesn't seem to be working?

Awe shoot... My bad...

This should work...

But I think you won't be able to get it for another hour about 6:20 EST (I just blew the access limit while testing :p )

OK, this should be fine now…

I still get a message from yahoo that there are problems :(

Quote (carlos @ Jan. 05 2005,16:39)
I still get a message from yahoo that there are problems :(

OK guys, looks like I'm beating a dead horse here...

This should work... Different host... Sorry about the run around, and thanks for the interest...

hi, I just heard your song, it sounds cool :) , it’s like from the soundtrack of movie with a mafia meeting scene :blues: :D the only thing that I didnt like was the EQing of the guitar, but the mix is very good :)

Hey Carlos,


Any specific suggestions about the EQing? Was there not enough treble?

Thanks again,

Im dont know much about EQing, but it seemed to me as if there was a mid boost on the EQ of the guitar track, maybe rolling the mids a little bit down would make the sound clearer (but as I stated, im no EQing guru, so what i said could be wrong) :)

Talking about remembering, i remember Get Smart and Spiderman old themes. The vocals at the end are good done. Maybe you can add some aahs, and oohs in some other place, i believe that it will sound good.

You might consider bring up the treble in the bass. A synth solo would be a good touch also. :D

Those comments are right on about a TV theme. It was a little spookier it could be the Munsters theme also.

Don’t really like the ending. How about a 1 measure run of 16th notes down the pentatonic scale for the ending and ending it on the first beat of the measure.

Nice job.


Thanks Marce and Sax!

The theme song thing isn’t too far off… I was going for a Batman theme meets Pulp Fiction surf.

The “oohs and ahhs” idea sounds like something I need to thing about…

I really like the penatonic scale idea… I’ll work that in… I’ve been watching Starsky & Hutch (the movie not the show) and I’m itching to try a 70’s Black Exploitation type song… Only catch is that midi the horns really bite.