could have been there for years

not in shortcutlist, could have been lurking behind the scene for years laughing at me struggling to select all tracks by shift click then i found the answer Ctrl A = SELECT ALL TRACKS IN INE GO -


Until you mentioned it, I did not know the Slice feature was there - it is listed under Edit > Non-destructive > Slice (also list there Slice to Grid, Slice to N Parts (you say how many parts) and Merge)
I have a hard time with the menu commands, they don’t match some of the “conventions” I learned with Windows was a pup. I like to have commands listed on a menu somewhere.
We don’t want the Menu filled with an over-whelming list of commands - what would be a good way to add commands?
Maybe Flavio needs to make a menu item, perhaps under EDIT that lists the keyboard commands.
A “Menu Builder” - add the commands to “Favorites” menu item
as selections to customize the Menu bar.
Create Sub-Menu (drop down) boxes for commands?
Leave some commands as keyboard commands only seems a waste - the program needs to be as self-explanitory as possible, that’s alway been one of the strong suits of n_Track, but it is getting more features everyday!

Crtl + A is “Select All” in a BUNCH of apps I’m familiar with. I always assumed it was a Windows “Standard”?


Quote: (Dubious @ Nov. 16 2008, 5:37 PM)

Crtl + A is "Select All" in a BUNCH of apps I'm familiar with. I always assumed it was a Windows "Standard"?


I remember using Ctrl-A and a bunch of the usual key combo's since MS-DOS, but I think it goes back farther, like in CP/M (where Ctrl-A was probably a different useage, like moving the cursor). Windows just happened to adopt it by way of design, streamline (consistency) and grandfathering. The Ctrl key itself goes back to the days of teletype.

I first met ctrl-A using WordStar on a CP/M system in the early eighties, and it worked the same. I hadn’t thought about that in ages - but, you know, WordStar was as good a word-processor more than 25 years ago as Word or WordPerfect have ever been…

CP/M, on the other hand was HE11! You could literally type in “ren . *.bak” and rename every file on the system to *.bak; after which, of course, the machine would never work again! Believe me, we did our backups religiously!

Now, to get back on-topic, I wish I could use control-a in the piano roll midi editor window to select all events - then it would be so much easier to transpose parts!

'til later;

CP/M… now there’s a computer “dirty word” if there ever was one. We had a service machine here years ago for working on control systems. I HATED that crap… They say it was DOS’s grand-daddy though, so I suppose it was just part of the “evolution”. Most folks don’t realize how good we have it these days…