Custom MIDI instrument ? (sounds on Roland HP605 piano)


I would like to purchase n-Track STUDIO for Android. I had success recoding and playing multitrack MIDI on my Roland HP605 digital piano (pure MIDI IN/OUT).

However, I would like to ask about instruments selection in the track properties. I could only select instruments from General MIDI, however the piano has more (and better sounding) instruments…
However specific messages has to be sent over MIDI to select it. For example, to select “Gospel Spin” organ, the sequence is CC0:0, CC32: 71, PC: 17 (Bank Select MSB, Bank Select LSB, Program Change)

Is there a way on Android to define/use these (custom) instruments with your software? Could it be possible on Windows? This would be a cool feature to be able to define custom MIDI instrument (or better, instrument list)…

Thank you for any info and have a nice day.

More info on:
Roland MIDI Implementation document

On Android you can try opening the track properties box, long pressing on a MIDI track and selecting “Properties” from the popup menu. Then setting the Bank selection method to “Controller 32”, then setting the bank with the Bank setting and the Program with the Program setting. The Program list will show names not related to the Roland sounds.
The Windows/Mac version also allows to use custom program sets.


Thank you very much, but unfortunately, I had no success with it. I was able to choose Controller 32 mode, however I did not know what to do next… For example, Ballad Piano instrument needs config values of 8,66,2 (bank number 2114 is stored in two bytes (8 as MSB, 66 as LSB), I assume there is 64k banks possible…) and program number of 2 (corresponds to the second item in drop-down-list). Bank drop down list of course does not contain 64k values… Probably I have to use Windows edition, which is a shame, because I only really need a simple MIDI multitrack recording app that could work on the tablet placed on the piano… Any ideas how to achieve that? I just want to record and listen what I play on the piano, because the piano itself is not capable of multi-tracking. Untitled


the next Android update (due out in about two weeks) will allow manually entering the bank number.
The bank select method to use both controller 0 & 32 is ‘Normal’.


Flavio, thank you very much for a promissing change. A two tiny ideas my case: Would it be possible to enter the program (instrument) number manually - textbox - as well? And what about a debug window in which outgoing MIDI messages could be seen? Just hexdump at least… Thank you.