Cut and move a slice of audio track

let’s say i make a new audio track 2 minute long, and i want cut a slice containing a certain music part, and then move it forward

i cannot do it! i don’t understand exactly how to select, how to edit my selection and how to move it to the very exact point

can someone help me?

Select the track by clicking on it. Place the curser where you want to make the cut. Press s. This will split the track. One side of the track will still be highlighted (selected). If you move the curser near the cut you will see that there are “Handles” [ Or ] Drag the selected track with the handle to where you want. Change the curser to the move icon and hold down the curser toward the of the end of the cut Until a dot appears which will indicate that there is no space between the matched pieces.
Additional: the open ends of a track always have the [ or ] The data/sound is not removed in non-district mode. You can make them longer or shorter.
If you know the BPM turn on the grid to find a good place to cut.
Sometimes when I have found it difficult to get the cut to sound right I have cloned the track; then done a cross fade on the two tracks.

in addition to everything already stated, set your grid to 128ths after youve split the region you wish to relocate and have it in the general vicinity you are aiming for. this will help you get it exactly where you want it. if you still cant get it perfectly placed then set grid to time and you can fine tune the placement of the part