Big Cowboys

Vocals: Marc Colombo
Lead Guitar: Justin Chapman
Drums: Cory Procter
Bass: Leonard Davis


There was a joke about them, "good thing it’s free reign cause nobody would pay for it, "

Just a joke, I think it’s a little contrived, a little predictable, just slightly boring, but I have to admit it’s the real thing. They better not do any shows on Saturday nights this fall…

The tune on MySpace… not too shabby. The video from “Good Morning Texas” ehh… stick to football guys.


Marc Columbo 6’8" 318 lbs
Cory Proctor 6’4" 308
Lenard Davis 6’6" 353

Yea that’s what I thought too, sounds pretty darn good. I mean who says that they have to be the best metal group? There is always a few as the best and some as the worst and most of us fall somewhere in between. The cool point is that they are musicians. Those three are millionaires so I’m sure they get some great studio help and can afford to promote. I think it’s pretty darn cool myself that three offensive linemen from one team, are in a rockin band.