Dance Band Demo Songs

cover songs for a promo pack

I recorded these songs for our 7-piece dance band promo pack. We recorded 15 songs in one day and picked out these as keepers. I used N-Tracks 6.0 for everything with a MOTU 828MK3 interface. Drums were recorded using MXL 993 pencil condensers for overheads, Shure SM57 for snare, Shure beta52 for the kick, and Shure beta 57s for toms. Guitar was recording using a Traynor blue 50 W amp and a Shure SM57 mic. Bass and keys were recorded direct. Horns were mic’d using a AKG C2000B small diaphragm condenser. Vocals were recorded using a Sterling ST55 large diaphragm condenser mic. Except for the drum overhead mics, I ran everything through an Allen Heath Mixwizard3 mixer for the preamps and used the 1/4 inch direct outs into the MOTU unit.

Comments appreciated.



I will listen directly, but what did you use for preamps?

Hi Tom,

For the drum overhead mics, I used the two preamps in the MOTO 828mk3 unit. For all other inputs, I used the Allen Heath Mixwizard3 inputs on the mixer board. The direct outputs then went into the MOTU unit. That unit has 2 XLR/preamp input on the front and 8 trs inputs on the back. The Allen Heath unit has direct outs for each of the 16 inputs on the board.


I asked b/c I have the same interface, and I like the two stock preamps, and wonder what you think of how they compare to the others you used (so, to the A & H I guess).
I’ve sort of a mixed bag of outboard preamps, an LA120 and a presonus Eureka, and then some oddballs after that.
But it’s sort of a pain hooking up 6 different preamps and getting them set, and deciding which to use for what instruments.

Uh—I’m a moron, you told me about the preamps in the original post. I read none too carefully. Thanks for not pointing out that I’m a moron. :)

That’s a lot to listen to all in one go, and I do not want to actually listen to “ice ice baby” but I listened to Mercy, What a Wonderful World, and Gimme Some Lovin. You folks play good. :agree: You have several singers too, which is cool, and lots of versatility. This to get you wedding gigs and such?

I’m back :laugh: I was locked out of my account due to a software glitch on the Forum.
Flavio fixed it.

Yes, these demo songs are to get wedding and private gigs.
We play a lot of them but often are asked for a demo CD.

Video is next.

Regarding the preamps, I haven’t really done a comparison. The Allen Heath preamps seems to produce a good sound as do the MOTU preamps. If I am only recording one or two tracks, I just use the MOTU preamps on those 2 xlr inputs on the front of the unit. All of the lead vocals for my demo tracks were recording with those preamps. I would imagine that most high-end boards have adequate preamps. For my purposes, that is all I really need.