Daw-tracks less level -10db

suddenly the master-volume from the DAW is getting low and
the sound from the tracks is thinner, lower, different. What has happend? The volume-setting in windows 10 und the Focusrite i’ve checked with another Laptop, where also runs N-Track.
My mastering runs through a denon-masterrecorder. so i see that there is a level loss out of the daw. I have to increase the volume of each audio track up to 10db now.
The masterheadroom of all masterchannel was always set at -5db and i had good results
It sounds like there is a level loss out of the master out 1+ 2. Even the monitorspeakers get a weak signal.

I have started a restoring point from 1 week earlier and a new installation of ntrack.

Had anyone a similar problem and find a cause?

I would be grateful.

I had also started a support ticket 2 days ago, but is still open???

Best regards


Hello Ralf,

I’ll re-post here what I’ve already wrote you in the support ticket thread.

Please try to disable the soft clipping (gear button on the bottom of the big output vu-meter->Clip->Soft clipping ) and check if the problem persists.

Should the problem persists, try to restore the n-Track configuration to its default values, manually renaming (e.g. using a _ before the name, so that you can always switch back to the previous configuration) the program data folder ("C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\n-Track Studio 9)

The App Data folder may be hidden, to show it from the Windows folder window, click on the View menu → Options-> View tab, then activate the 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives’.