DBX Mini-Pre

Mic pre amp

Anyone have/used a DBX Mini Mic Preamp ????

Ive been offered it second hand, ive been looking around for a preamp…and this one is cheap and seems to be getting good reviews around the internet.

Ive also been looking at the M-Audio Audio Buddy (getting bad reviews but cheap)…and a Studio Projects VTB-1 (mac+elwood recommended that one but its a bit more expensive)

Anyway, any comments on the DBX mini preamp would be a great help.



mac+elwood recommended that one

and me - Its ace


No experience with the dbx mini, but some experience with ART Tube MP and Behringer MIC200, which both have somewhat similar “starved plate” tube design.

As bought: okay, if you think “tube warmth” is plain old pream distortion.
With a better quality ECC83 (12AX7) tube: slightly better, but not much.
With a decent quality ECC82 (12AU7) tube: much better, more open and natural sounding unit.

Still, even with the ECC82’s, I use my ART and MIC200 mainly as instrument pre’s and use M-Audio DMP-3 (a cheap, and very cheap looking, but soundwise decent solid state unit)as my main mic pre.