Delay when recording on audio track

When I add an audio track to a midi file and record my voice for background voices, when I play it back, there is a delay in the audio. The delay seems worse when I add effects to the track, such as Antares Harmony Engine. I’ve tried changing buffering settings, but that has no effect. The delay is still there, regardless of the buffering settings.

I’ve noticed the same delay when using Kontakt on the audio track with Realivox, “The Ladies,” to add these voices for background voices.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

Yes, this DAW doesn’t appear to compensate for record latency, meaning it’s almost useless of live recording. I believe Cubasis has configurable record latency compensation.

You may be talking about two different latencies, one when recording, which is probably related to some issue with the audio devices settings, and the latency introduced by certain plugins.
n-Track automatically compensates for the latency introduced by plugins if the “Compensate plugins latency” option is set in the Settings → Preferences → Options box. You can see if a plugin is introducing latency in the plugin’s box upper right corner, a “latencey = …” sign will appear for the plugins that do add latency (such as for instance the n-Track Graphic EQ).

The latency when recording depends on the configuration of the audio device drivers and relative buffering. Make sure you’re using Asio or Wasapi drivers (I’m assuming you’re on Windows), and for Asio drivers try using a lower buffering setting in the Asio control panel. Check out this two part video on how to confgure audio devices on Windows: