delete the gaps

I’m just starting out with n-track - I like what I see lots, just feel slightly overwhelmed by it all. Anyway, a question that hopefully has a simple answer (and I promise to leave you in a peace (for a while at least))

I’m starting at basic drum structure - so on tk 1; I’m inserting a verse.wav, then
copy pasting another verse.wav,
then inserting a chorus.wav…

now what if I what to insert a chrous after the first verse, how do I do this… so the track does not have any gaps (ie everything snuggly fits up next to each other (as it does when you SHIFT CTL V when copying a file over and over and over…is there a simple procedure?

MANY thanks


First, set up the grid by setting the tempo for the song (which n-Track calls ‘BPM’ – accurate. Unfortunately, it calls Time Signature “tempo”, causing some confusion).

Shift click on the grid toolbar button and select “Always”. (Well, I always want to see it. Maybe you don’t.)

Turn the grid on by clicking on the grid toolbar button so that it’s yellow.

Paste in your wave file. I hope the meter in the wave file is accurate and same as what you typed in for Tempo. If not, well, fix one or the other so they match.

Now you can drag the wave parts around and they snap to the grid. Bingo! :)


thanks very much.