Delta 1010-speaker hookup

Hi, all.
I finally got my new computer system, with storage in terrabytes, built-in backup, a heatsink in lieu of a fan to keep things quiet, and a new Delta sound card with a breakout box. I still need to get a couple of Audioman preamps, because I didn’t realize I would need those.

Anyway, I now have a ton of questions on hooking everything up and using it. I’ll start with the simple stuff first and then ask for more info in other posts.

The first thing I need to know is how to hook speakers, etc. up. The computer came with its own built-in sound card in addition to the Delta 1010, along with 5.1 surround sound speakers. At some point I’d like to add Nearfield monitors and be able to toggle between the surround sound speakers and the Nearfield monitors.

So what’s the best way to do this?

I know where to connect the breakout box to the Delta 1010 sound card, but once I’ve done that, I’m not sure how to get from there to where I have sound.

If I plug the surround sound speakers into the Delta 1010, where do they connect?

What are my options?

Thanks in advance. :)

I’m at work and dont’ have a lot of time at the moment but here’s a couple points to get you started.

Your Delta is your soundard. You’ll need to hook up outputs 1&2 to your powered speakers. For this you will need a “Y” adapter cable that goes from 2 channels of male 1/4" mono to a stereo male 1/8".

Read your manual so that you understand the functions of the monitor/mixer software that came with your Delta. You will assign the outputs to channels 1&2 so that the card feeds your speakers. Don’t worry about 5.1 yet. That’s a whole 'nuther can 'o worms.

outputs for 5.1 setup & seperate stereo outs

EBU (European Broadcast Union) channel settings as followed by Ns surround settings -

output 1…Left Front (pan hard left)
output 2…Right Front (pan hard right)
output 3…LFE (sub woofer)
output 4…Centre speaker
output 5…Left Rear (surround) (pan hard left)
output 6…Right Rear (surround) (pan hard right)
output 7…Left Stereo (pan hard left)
output 8…Right Stereo (pan hard right)

*** in 5.1 terms left/right front are NOT the same as left/right stereo - so genuine stereo is on outputs 7/8 *** -

outputs 1/2 could be used as stereo outs but it is better to use 7/8 (just take a bit of getting used to and avoids confusion if you have both 5.1 tracks as well as stereo tracks in one song)

(PAN) refers to the pan settings per channel in Delta control panel NOT IN N - this will give you true stereo seperation on outputs 7/8 and correct surround seperation on outputs 1/2 & 5/6 -

Dr J

Thanks for your tips.

I have the breakout box cabled and connected to the Delta 1010 sound card, and it appears to be powering up correctly.

But there are still a couple of things throwing me as far as hooking up the speakers so that I have sound:

1. The sound card has one red and one white location that appear to be sized to accept 1/8-inch male connectors. So I’m assuming this is for connecting speakers or stereo headphones or something similar. The 5.1 surround sound system speakers I have appear to be 1/8-inch. However,

2. The surround sound system has three connectors, all color coded a light green. They are marked as follows:
a. Input of central and heavy-bass audio signal;
b. Input of surround sound audio signal
c. Input of left and right audio signal.

These clearly will need adapters to 1/4-inch to connect them to the back of the breakout box. I have at least two such adapters on hand, possibly more, so OK there.

Am I reading your messages correctly that these should connect to the outs on the 1010 breakout board? If so and I use and adapter with splitter as suggested, will the 1010 figure out which connection goes to which out, i.e. when it resplits the central and heavy-bass audio signals, which have color-coded wires at the originating end.

Again, thanks in advance.

Hi, On the Delta 1010 the red and white connectors on the back of the PCI card are phono connectors for spdif (digital audio) in and out. Dont put your 3.5mm jack plugs into these!
You need to be using the 1/4" outputs jacks on the back of the rackmount box. As some one else said I’d get it working in stereo first. You need to read the manual and get your head round how to use the Delta panel software mixer to get the most out of the delta.

Goto patch bay router tab and set o/p 1/2 to be monitor mixer.Plug your speakers into outputs 1 and 2 then your what you hear will be controlled by the mixer shown in the link.
Push up faders, unmute channels. Try and play something back from n-track, it will probably come out on Wav out 1/2 channel.

Again, thanks for the help, everyone.

I don’t yet have ntrack installed on this new computer. I’ve been waiting to get the computer and then to upgrade to the newest version of ntrack. I’ll probably do that within the next week.

For now, I’d be happy just to get the speakers connected and get some sound from somewhere like one of the live365 stations, just to be sure the speakers are working and the sound card is working.