Didn't Win Anything on N BUT...

Now technically PRS should collect for that. Please tell me you registered your songs!

Wow Craig, you were ruddy brilliant! you did good, and you sang beautifully. (gotta say, i prefer that song acoustic now!)
I’m on the proud list :) xx

Why thanks Ange!!

Poppa, yes that song is registered with PRS. They could have used less compression on the guitar…sounds a bit too much…

Oh well at least the word is getting out there!

I agree Ange - performance was spot on - acoustic sounded great - everything on radio is compressed Craig, part of the way they think it should sound.

Completely *"**&% off. Couldn’t get the link to work. Anyway, sounds like you did a good job. Well done mate!

Got it recorded Ian.

I’ll send a link in due course!

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Got it recorded Ian.

I'll send a link in due course!

That will be much appreciated Craig :) Got a CD of your songs in the car. The wife thought it was a famous singer.
One day maybe........ :)
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Simon Cowell.......uugghh.

Anyway, did it.
Mentioned N Track!!! (cheques in the post please Flav)
Don't know how much they'll edit out, but it's on at around 5.50pm today.
There's a 'listen again' facility on the website.

I'M SURE I WENT OUT OF TUNE WHEN SINGING....Nerves or something so please bear that in mind!!!!!

It all went so fast.
I'll sound common as muck, speak WAAYY too fast and sing out of tune. Great!!

Well that's how it goes. So the next time your ready for it and it's no big deal. Do another and you know what to expect. Have something to say, prepared, and have fun.
I say make yourself find another station to do. Better yet find a little coffee shop or something like that in the town or near the town the station is in. Get a gig and then approach the station to do a tune, have something to say and promo your gig to. Take CDs to sell.

Thanks Levi.
The more I think about it the LESS of a big deal it is. It was just the initial thought of being on the radio.

Link here by the way: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=c3fd5e4f07ff9fb7d2db6fb9a8902bda

Not sure if it’s allowed on soundclick.
Next time I’ll talk REAL slow too…sorry for anyone who can’t understand me!

The click track is off! :laugh:

Just played it for my Grand daughter.
Sarah says, “That’s the ‘Top of The Tree’ song Poppa!”
Your youngest American Fan.

Great job Craig! :agree:

(Is there a transcript of the interview? Translation required for some of us non Brits :laugh: )

Craig -
That was a terrific interview and performance.
You were ‘cool as a cucumber’. That is a HUGE
foot in the door. Nice ‘N’ plug too! I think
you could be like ‘Bernie Taupin’ - writing good songs
and kicking back on the ‘Riviera’. And writing more
songs about kicking back on the ‘Rviera’.
Best of luck to you. :agree:

Thanks for the kind words sevenOfeleven!

As a follow on I got in the local rag…along with a piece on the website here:


Skinhead and tattoos heh heh…oh and N track in the background…

Nice little write-up.

"It’s fantastic and it feels really good to know that people like it - it helps get rid of some of that self-doubt."

I’ll reserve my comment on that.

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Thanks for the kind words sevenOfeleven!

As a follow on I got in the local rag...along with a piece on the website here:


Skinhead and tattoos heh heh...oh and N track in the background...

Cool article!