Didn't Win Anything on N BUT...

Hi all.
I’m a happy chappy this morning!!

On Poppas recommendation I entered ‘Who I Am’ in the UK Songwriters competition and I was a finalist!

This means I should get some sort of press coverage even if it’s just the local rag. I will also recieve some sort of critique from the so called ‘professionals’ but I think the real pro’s are on here :)

At least I’ll have a spring in my step while I work my fingers to the bone today!!


Excellent, well done you :agree: xx

Nice one Craig, and richly deserved. It’s a great song! Hope you win mate. Don’t forget us all when your famous :)

Congrats ! well deserved, quality stuff!

Makes for a nice little addition to your bio!
Proud of ya! :agree:

Thanks for the kind words everyone…

WELL…my hearts been in my mouth ALL day.

I called BBC Radio Sheffield and after asking a few questions and looking at the UK song contest website they said ‘Can you come in tomorrow?’ !!! :)

So they’re interviewing me, possibly playing a tune of mine and I said ‘shall I bring my guitar?’…they said …erm YES! we’ll do a pre recorded interview!!!

OMG…I’m going in tomorrow at 1.00pm

Wish me luck! and thanks Poppa for the push.

heheeee - Make friends with the guys in the booth and get a CD of it!

Sometimes a little push is all you need. Milk it for all it’s worth son. :agree:

Way to go, Craig.

Good for you …

You know…
there’s some pretty heavy duty music people lurking around this Board…

It takes the right balance of Confidence and Ego to take you where your going…
You have all the support of the n-Track Board Members in your Camp…


Eyup Mate! Give it some Wellie! Tha’s got a great talent tha knows.
Weren’t the Human League from your neck of the woods? And of course, Joe Cocker!!

Good luck mate!

How cool is that?! I’ll be willing you on all day bud, Good luck.

Ange x

Ps…will we be able to tune in online? details? x

Thanks for the support everyone!

Should be able to tune in online Ange. They also have an option to replay missed shows…If I think I sound ok I’ll let you know heh heh!..

Really appreciate the comments/encouragement.

Just practicing…

The down side appears to be…You might get discovered by Simon Cowell :laugh:

Simon Cowell…uugghh.

Anyway, did it.
Mentioned N Track!!! (cheques in the post please Flav)
Don’t know how much they’ll edit out, but it’s on at around 5.50pm today.
There’s a ‘listen again’ facility on the website.

I’M SURE I WENT OUT OF TUNE WHEN SINGING…Nerves or something so please bear that in mind!!!

It all went so fast.
I’ll sound common as muck, speak WAAYY too fast and sing out of tune. Great!!

The CBC over here was popular for doing that…
The promotion/interview would would just “Shine” for the Up-and-Comer"…
I used to see it…
When all of this stuff was taped… I don’t know how it done these days…

The Programmers, in their wisdom would take it to the editing room and come out with a tape cartridge…
with maybe 10 seconds on it…
Who knows ????
We used to say…
How come they leave it on the Editing Room Floor…


Send a link when you can Craig - I hate searching for English sites and having to translate to American.

I already found one… Click here for Craig @ 5.30!

(That is the right station right Craig?)

Ange x

Great job Craig - sounded great! Was awesome to hear you!

Bet your mum is beaming with pride! As am I.

Wow that was quick!!

Sounded common as muck!

Thanks for listening, and the link Ange!

I need some cold water for me cheeks…