Disabling midi cc to a plug in

Do we have this featur in N-Track?

I have a certain plug in that jumps well up in vol when I do a playback, and I’m told to use the “disable midi cc to a plug in” setting but I cant find N-Tracks option. My other vsts are ok.

Would this function be useful to N-Track?
Has N-Track memorised a previous setting somehow?

Any suggestions I appreciate.

Thank you,


Urhm!? New one on me. What is the plug in?

Firebird. I think it’s GREAT…but I solved the problem. N-Track remembered when I lowered the Osc volumes while leaving the main vol at 100%. I’m happy with that. Tried all other options in N-Track…settings/prefs/midi, so it’s not N-Track.

If anyone has difficulty,try adjusting Osc levels.