Disappearing Transport pallet

How do I restore it?

I keep losing the Transport pallet/unit. The view menu says it is on, but it is no where to be seen or used.
what did I do and how can I restore it?

I don’t know what to tell you bax. I just spent 5 minutes trying to mess mine up where I couldn’t find it. I was always able to click “Show Transport Toolbar” on the View menu or select it from the window menu and poof, it pops right up.


Did you maybe undock it and drag it below your windows task bar? Or perhaps off any of the edges of the monitor?
Anywhere but under the task bar, would leave narrow edge of the transport still visible somewhere around the edge of the screen.
If it got drug under the task bar, you’ll need to unlock the task bar and drag it down to retrieve the transport. Or you could set the task bar to auto hide and have that extra little bit of work space.

Other than that … I can’t imagine what you’ve done with your transport. ???


Thanks for the suggestion. I changed the tool bar to autohide and have not lost is since. I’ll post again if that is not the fix.