Dismayed at Audio Interface...

Ok I decided to upgrade from the very flimsy Creative interface that used 3.5 mini jacks that I had to keep plugging and unplugging to an Alesis io2 Audio interface, which is more permanent and has better features overall.

Imagine my dismay when i tried it and found a brand new noise on my recordings…HISS HISS HISS…


Could it just be a combination of unbalanced leads/jacks and that the unit is very close to my PC?? Never had this problem before…I don’t think…

Hi Craig. Does the hiss remain when you go back to your old Creative setup?

Hi Tony
Nope. It doesn’t remain!

I have noticed vocals are clearer though, and thats the only balanced line. Guitars are hiss city.

Another thing is that there are two inputs…and the left hand input only comes through my left ear and vice versa…unless I switch on the mono mode. Is that normal?

Normal - but you can config’ it how you like in the in-put prefs.
Have you tried moving the external hardware around and checking you haven’t got power cables running across signal ones - and all that shnit?

Alesis recording interfaces are deeply problematic – at least the ones I looked at are. Not quality build at all. Take it back and get another. :)

I didn’t want to hear that Tom… :laugh:

I’ve owned one and traded it b/c they had no intention of providing 64 bit drivers.
This was a product that was pretty much new when 64 bit computers came out.
The lower end ones I looked at the other day would only do 16 bit 48 K recording.
Sure, they don’t cost much, but it felt like they would fall apart (really bad pots) and the tech support was not really what it should be.
Alesis does some prosumer things really well, of course.
Just not impressed with the interfaces. Anyway, this is why I passed on them and got the little m-audio interface for our school club a few days ago. It was 150 USA dollars rather than 70, but the extra money is totally worth it.

Tweaks needed in the soundcard settings…recording vol set too high (I know…I know) and sample rates different for recording/playback…

I might not return it after all…


Buzz free zone? Cool.

Glad for ya, Craig! Nothing more frustrating…well, that’s not true…but still…